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About Us


This motto is based upon several concepts: 

A place where your dog can run, play and be wild and free in a dog-friendly environment. 

Our programs and facilities allow your dog to go "back to his roots" of his wild wolf ancestors and exert his natural instincts in a natural way. 

And our philosophy is to treat all dogs with respect and allowing them an opportunity to form into a naturally balanced(TM) dog....naturally.  



STAR K9, LLC is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Northwest Georgia.  Nestled on over 40 acres in a naturally wooded sanctuary comprised of native trees and plants, fresh, clean air and tranquil, spring-fed streams, it is an exclusive paradise where dogs can go wild….and live a naturally-balanced (TM) life. 

Naturally balanced adventures at STAR K9, LLC are designed to offer your beloved dog a positive and enriching experience with health and safety as a top priority.  All programs and facilities nurture your dog’s natural instincts and provide fun, dog-friendly adventures. 

Our commitment to you, your family and dog is to offer exceptional quality versus mass quantity to ensure your dog is provided with personalized care and attention that best fits  your family's needs and your dog’s personality, temperament and energy level.   


We welcome you to view our web site and visit our park to see how STAR K9, LLC is different and how this difference is a healthy, natural choice for all of your dog’s boarding and training needs. 




“As soon as i pulled into the driveway, there was a feeling of magic, peace and tranquility about this place..  I knew this was the perfect place for my dog, Hawkeye.  When I picked him up after a 2-week vacation, he was a much more peaceful, relaxed and "balanced" dog.  I never knew or understood what balance was for a dog, but I understand it now and see what a huge difference it has made with my dog and me.  I too now have a peace of mind that I found the perfect place for Hawkeye to stay whenever I'm out of town." 

Robert, Hawkeye's Happy Owner


Naturally Balanced Dog


Naturally Balanced Dog

"My wife and I were not looking for another dog when we saw Keyno, but as soon as I saw her I feel in love.   When I spoke with STAR K9 about her, they were very professional and it was obvious their top priority was Keyno's well-being, and making sure that Keyno and our family would be the right "fit."  They had numerous people wanting Keyno, and fortunately STAR K9 chose our family because Keyno's personality and temperament was a  match with ours.  Admittedly we were just excited to get Keyno, but it wasn't until we had her for a little while we realized how right STAR K9  was about Keyno and our family being the right fit.  She goes everywhere with us and is the best dog we have ever had in our family.   ​
The Collins Family

Keyno's Happy Owners


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