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Adventures (Services)

The adventures and park at STAR K9, LLC are specifically designed for dogs to live a Naturally BalancedTM life.  We have programs for all types of dogs including the dedicated working dog, extreme athlete, adventure seeker and social butterfly.  Scroll down for a summary of our adventures that is sure to have your dog's tail waggin' with fun!  Click the adventure name for details.

Mini-Adventures (Daycare)

Our Mini-Adventures (Daycare) give your dog the opportunity to go wild during the day and then return home to your family at night.  This adventure program provides your dog unlimited playtime and adventures with other park visitors of similar size, personality and temperament.  Packs are small (4-6 dogs on average, but no more than 8) to ensure your dog receives individual and personalized attention.  And you can rest assured that with all of the fun your dog has during the day, he/she will rest peacefully while at home……a win-win for the whole family! 

The Puppy Power Program is all about puppies!  The puppy area is located in a naturally wooded setting away from the other adventure areas and visitors to ensure the highest level of safety and stress-free environment for puppies.  The adventure area is specifically designed for puppies with all structures and objects modified to ensure the highest level of safety for puppies’ size and growing mind and body.   Of course, our Puppy Power Program is a favorite among our staff and you can be assured that your puppy will not only have a great experience with other puppies but receive lots of time and attention from human pack members as well.


Lone Wolf

Each Lone Wolf is provided with their own private adventure area and minimal interaction to reduce mental and physical stress.  They are also provided with dog friendly toys and soft, natural bedding.  And even a Lone Wolf deserves the best we have to offer so we customize our time and attention to best fits your dog’s needs. 

Living Wild

Our Living Wild Program is for the ultimate pack seeker.  A unique, all natural program that takes your dog back to his roots….of living wild in a pack.  Pack members live, play and sleep 24/7 in their own “territory” just like their wolf ancestors.  Their territory has lots of features to keep the pack occupied 24/7.  These include jungle gyms, swimming pools, sandboxes, tunnels, trees, toys, etc.  There are also two specially designed and equipped “pack dens” with soft bedding and natural cedar shavings to provide a warm, safe, comfortable and relaxing home safe from the weather and a place to live and sleep together as a pack.  Packs are small (average 4-6 dogs, but no more than 8) to ensure fun, relaxing adventures without the stress of crowded conditions or undue competition associated with larger packs.  If your dog wants to live on the wild side again, this is the perfect program!    

Pampered Paws

Our Pampered Paws Program is a great way to give your dog fun-filled adventures during the day and a life of luxury at night!   They will enjoy play all day with other happy guests and then have a relaxing night's sleep in our heated and cooled Pampered Paws Lodge.  Your dog(s) are provided with premium pillows/bedding and a nighttime snack and dog friendly toy inside their own private dog den as they drift asleep with calming nightlights and soothing music.  Pampered Paws packs are small (4-6 dogs on average, but no more than 8) to ensure your dog receives individual and personalized attention.

The Star Treatment

Give your STAR The Star Treatment!  Your dog is provided with dog fun-filled adventures during the day and then spend the night with us inside our private home.  They will enjoy play all day with other happy guests and then spend the night with us watching our favorite TV shows and movies.  Your dog(s) are allowed to snuggle up with us on the couch or relax on premium pillows/bedding of their choosing.  They are also provided with nighttime snacks, dog friendly toys and red carpet personalized attention that your STAR deserves.  We restrict this program to only 3 dogs to ensure your dog receives The Star Treatment.

Very Important Pack Member

The VIPM  Program is for our customers who want to give their beloved family pack member the ultimate adventure!  A truly VIPM Program with first class VIP treatment that includes an all-inclusive package and specialty items reserved for the most deserving pack members.  And to ensure your dog receives the best, we restrict this program to only 2 dogs at any time.  If you want your dog to be treated like a king or queen…..naturally, this is the adventure you and your dog will love!

Naturally Balanced Training

Our programs utilize "Learn and Leadership"TM concepts than structured and obedient training.  We understand that each dog is different and has their own unique needs; therefore, we "teach" each dog based upon their specific personality, temperament, energy level, likes, etc.  And this approach is done with Naturally BalancedTM concepts and Learn and LeadershipTM qualities that are based upon the principles of respect, patience, calmness, positive energy, leadership and pack behavior.

Lure Course Adventures

Ready-Set-Chase!  Lure Course Adventures are a favorite among our adventure seekers.  It is a fast action, go-getter adventure that taps into your dog's natural instinct to "chase a rabbit."  It is an exhilarating adventure for your dog to test his skills as a hunter and just as exciting for you to watch your dog be the hunter he always has been.  And we of course use only "pretend rabbits" because we care about all furry animals.

Frisbee Fido Adventures

Our Frisbee Fido Adventures are fly high fun for fido!  A large level open field provides the perfect area to test your dog’s aerobatic skills while you test your own major league pitching arm to throw the perfect Frisbee for your 4-legged partner.  Or if you like we can frolic with your fido and Frisbees while you are away on your own adventure!


Hiking Adventures

Our Hiking Adventures are a real treat for any explorer.  Our own private 40 acres is naturally wooded with trails and untouched areas that encompass beautiful hardwood trees with breathtaking Fall foliage and Springtime blooms as well as numerous native plants thriving in clean, fresh air.  One of the favorite experiences of our hiking adventures is the free-flowing, natural, spring-fed streams located on the back part of our oasis.  And for those regular explorers, no worries about seeing the same thing because you can look forward to new and interesting hiking adventures as we have access to another 200 acres of naturally beautiful wooded hiking areas filled with fun and frolic. 

Team Spirit Adventures

Our Team Spirit Adventures are a great way for you and your dog to share adventures together and create priceless memories too!  Explore your own adventurous side with your canine crusader and discover what a dynamite duo you and your dog really are!

Splish-Splash Adventures

Our Splish-Splash Adventures continue our natural balance concept by using all natural, organic, dog-friendly shampoo and conditioning treatments.  We also allow your dog to dry “naturally” which is less stressful and damaging to dog’s hair and skin than blow drying. 

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