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What items to bring and how to prepare for my dog's adventures?

Is there a specific kind of collar my dog must wear to prepare for their adventure?

Yes.  We require all dogs to wear a quick release flat collar with your dog’s identification (name) and your contact information (your name, phone number(s) are required; address, city/state and email are optional).  We also support microchip programs and encourage you to have your dog micro-chipped. 

Should I feed my dog before starting their adventure?

Yes.  It is best to have your dog eat at least 1½ hours prior to starting their adventure to prevent bloat.  Bloat can be caused from playing too soon after eating and it is a life-threatening condition.  If your dog ate less than 1½ hours before starting their adventure, please let one of the human pack members know for the safety and well-being of your dog.


What should I bring for my dog?

Collar:  A quick release flat collar with your dog’s identification and your contact information is required.  This is for your dog’s best interest and safety.

Food Container:  Food must be placed in a secure/reusable container. We recommend placing dog food in individual Ziplock bags for your dog’s one day food requirements, and then placing the Ziplock bags inside a Tupperware type container with a secure lid.  Or you may place your dog food bag along with a measuring cup inside a Tupperware type container with a secure lid.  We request that you bring your own measuring cup because we DO NOT use the same measuring cups to ensure there is no cross-contamination of any food allergy or bacteria among our guests’ food. 

Food/Meals:  Daycare dogs are not required to bring food.   Overnight Boarding dogs should bring their food from home.  For the best interest and safety of your dog, it is best to keep them on their regular food.  We do provide natural, high quality treats for all of our adventure seekers.

Medication:  Enough medication to cover your dog’s visit with us.

Vet Records:  Unless you have already provided current and up-to-date records, please bring copies with you.  NOTE:  We cannot accept your dog without current and up-to-date vet records (no exceptions).

Toys:  Toys are optional, and are welcomed.

Comfort Items:  If your dog has a favorite blanket, toy, snuggle item, etc. you are welcome to bring it along.

Towels:  These are for you and your vehicle.  We recommend you bring two towels with you.  We will do everything we can to make sure your dog is clean and well-groomed when you pick them up; however, because this is an adventure park, your dog may get dirty at times and these towels are to help keep you and your vehicle as clean as possible.


Are there things I shouldn’t bring for my dog?

Collars:  No choke chains, pinch collars, shock collars, harnesses, etc.

Bowls/Dishes: No bowls or dishes from your home.  We provide bowls/dishes to all our visitors. 

Clothing:  No “clothes” on dogs.  We let dogs play in their birthday suits here!  NOTE:  For unusual exceptions (such as hairless dogs in winter months, etc.) certain clothing may be allowed.

Covers:  Please do not bring comforters, sleeping bags, and large blankets.  Small towels, throw blankets, etc. are allowed.

Tobacco Products:   For the health and safety of dogs, please refrain from using any tobacco products (cigarettes/chewing) while visiting our park.

Children:  You may bring your children; however since this is an adventure park in an open wooded environment, children are welcome, but must be supervised at all times.  NOTE:  All adventures areas are specifically for dogs; therefore children are not allowed to play on any structures. 






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