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Lure Course Adventure

 ("Chase a Faux Rabbit")

Best suited for STARS that have moderate to higher energy levels and want to tab into their hunter instincts and "chase a rabbit"

STARS should be in good to excellent physical condition since this is a fast-paced, running adventure

You may be present to watch your dog or we can run the course for your dog while you are away

Because this adventure requires a set-up, it must be scheduled and set-up in good weather ​


Program Details:  Ready-Set-Chase!  A favorite among our adventure seekers, lure coursing is a fast action, go-getter adventure that taps into your dog's natural instinct to "chase a rabbit."  It is an exhilarating adventure for your dog to test his skills as a hunter and just as exciting for you to watch your dog be the hunter he always has been.  And we of course use only "pretend rabbits" because we care about all furry animals.

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