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Naturally Balanced Executive Level Program

A very unique and customized in-home training program.  Your dog stays with us for 30-45 days.  This program is an ALL INCLUSIVE program that includes the following:

30-45 days of Customized Naturally Balanced Training

Star Treatment Lodging

Fresh Linen/Bedding

All Natural, Organic Treats

In-Home Star Assessment

In-Home Learn and Leadership Lessons

Executive Level Naturally Balanced™ Concepts

FREE Canine Good Citizen Testing

FREE All Natural, Organic Bath

FREE Unlimited Adventure Games

FREE Hunger Games

FREE Administration of Medication



​Fun Lessons Every Day

We conduct Learn and Leadership Lessons 7 days a week with a minimum of 4 lessons every day to provide your dog with fun, happy, positive experiences during their Board and Train Program.


Star Assessment – 2 Hours

An assessment at your home that will last 1 1/2 to 2 hours with you and your dog to discuss specific training requests and any behavior modification for your dog.  We will evaluate the current “balance” between you and your dog to determine what training and behavior modifications would best fit you and your dog’s needs. You will be given an overview of our positive and effective dog training techniques, discuss dog behavior, outline what is expected from you and other persons living in the same household, and a review of take home exercises.


Learn and Leadership Lessons – 4 Hours

#1 Learn and Leadership Lesson – In home lessons that will last 1 1/2 to 2 hours with you and your dog.  We will review what commands the dog has learned and how to reinforce the behavior once you and your dog return home.  We will also discuss your dog’s specific temperament, personality and balance level and how to transfer that “balance” at home as well as illustrate leadership skills for you and your family members.


#2 Learn and Leadership Lesson – 1 1/2 to 2 hours with you and your dog.  A follow-up lesson is available within thirty (30) days after the end of the training program.  This lesson can include any training or behavior modification that needs refresher or any other questions/overview of new behavior modifications.   


Progress Updates

We will keep you informed on the progress of your dog’s training and provide honest and realistic updates. 



Dogs learn at different levels and speed.  We utilize “naturally balanced” techniques involving “Learn and Leadership” concepts.  We understand that each dog is different and has their own unique needs; therefore, we “teach” each dog based upon their specific personality, temperament, energy level, likes, etc.  These concepts are based upon the principles of respect, patience, calmness, positive energy, leadership and natural pack behavior.


Although we will do everything we can to train your dog to meet your expectations, no training can be guaranteed 100% because of the many variables involved.  Training must be maintained consistently at your home for your dog to retain what he has learned in the Board and Train programs.  The dog may also need reinforcement/refresher on behaviors in different environments. 

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