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Puppy Power

Program Details: The Puppy Power Program is all about puppies!  The puppy area is located in a naturally wooded setting away from the other adventure areas and visitors to ensure the highest level of safety and stress-free environment for puppies.  The puppies live, play and sleep in the same adventure area 24/7 to reduce separation/stress/anxiety/fear issues.  The adventure area is specifically designed for puppies with all structures and objects modified to ensure the highest level of safety for puppies’ size and growing mind and body.  Of course, our Puppy Power Program is a favorite among our staff and you can be assured that your puppy will not only have a great experience with other puppies but receive lots of time and attention from human pack members as well.

Best suited for STARS that are 8 weeks to 6 months old

All structures and toys modified to fit the needs of puppies (jungle gyms, sandboxes, swimming pools and “pack dens”)

Large, cage-free wooded adventure area designed just for puppies

Puppies play, live and sleep together 24/7

Unlimited playtime and adventures

Safe and fun puppy-friendly toys

Fresh cedar shavings provided

Fresh water provided daily

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