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Team Spirit Adventures

Our Team Spirit Adventures are a great way for you and your dog to share adventures together and create priceless memories too!  Explore your own adventurous side with your canine crusader and discover what a dynamite duo you and your dog really are!

Iron Dog Challenges


Our Iron Dog Challenges are a great way to have agility fun on regulatory agility courses at STAR K9’s state-of-the-art agility field.  Test your dog’s agility skills, prepare for agility competitions or train your dog as an advanced level disaster dog.

American Kennel Club Regulatory Agility Course

North American Police Work Dog Association Regulatory Agility Course

Federal Emergency Management Agency Direction and Control and Disaster Agility Course Qualified

State Urban Search and Rescue Alliance Direction and Control and Disaster Agility Course Qualified

Debris Piles with Type II  Rubble Site Requirements (under construction)

Frisbee Fido Adventures

Our Frisbee Fido Adventures are fly high fun for your fido!  A large level open field provides the perfect area to test your dog's aerobatic skills while you test your own major league pitching arm to throw the perfect Frisbee for your 4-legged partner.  Or if you like we can frolic with your fido and Frisbees while you are away on your own adventure! 

Real World Agility

A fun and physically challenging adventure for you and your dog to try out your agility skills together in the real world.  Courses will be conducted in naturally wooded areas that may include creek/stream crossings, walking the plank (trees/dams/planks), railroad crossties, rock climbs, culvert crawls, etc.  It’s a great adventure to go wild with your dog and create priceless memories together.  We attempt to schedule these adventures when nature showcases her best Fall foliage and Springtime blooms when the weather is cooler and more pleasant.  Depending upon weather and course length, bring your lunch and enjoy a relaxing time to share your best dog tale with fellow adventure pals.

Theme-Based Adventures


Everyone loves to celebrate holidays and special occasions and these adventures give your dog an opportunity to celebrate theme-based adventures with you and your family.  Some of these adventures include the Easter “Eggy” Hunt, a Howl-o-ween Canine Costume Carnival, and a very special “Silent Night” night hike during the holiday season.  Be sure to bring your camera to show your family and friends what a party animal you and your dog really are! 

Mud Runs

Folks pay big bucks to get a mud facial and you can get it here FREE and have fun doing it too!  A unique and one-of-a-kind adventure that guarantees a muddy good time with your dog.  You can participate alone with your dog or rally your friends and participate as a team of two, three or four…to share a hilarious, mud-covered matinee!  Everyone is a winner with this adventure....and owning a dirty dog has never been so much fun!

K9 First Aid

Did you know that your dog is susceptible to many of the same injuries and illness that affect you?  Come and learn life-saving techniques from the experts that have trained 100s of dog handlers, dog lovers and animal care specialists across the country.  You’ll learn basic and advanced level techniques that you can apply to your dog that can give you peace of mind and save your beloved dog’s life too.   

More Team Spirit Adventures are under development.  Check back soon to discover your next fun-filled adventure….. ​​

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