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Very Important Pack Member

Program Details:   This is for our customers who want to give their beloved family pack member the ultimate adventure!  A truly VIPM  Program with first class VIP treatment that includes an all-inclusive package and specialty items reserved for the most deserving pack members.  And to ensure your dog receives the best, we restrict this program to only 2 dogs at any time.  If you want your dog to be treated like a king or queen…..naturally, this is the adventure you and your dog will love!

Customized to provide your VIPM the adventure of a lifetime. Adventures include the following:

Play Dates:  Unlimited adventures and play time with other adventure seekers and/or with our human pack members

Professional Training: Naturally Balanced training and socialization for your specific VIPM needs

Hunger Games:  Special treats reserved just for your VIPM

Adventure Hikes:  Two (2) Adventures Hikes per day

Adventure Photos:  Three (3) adventure photos will be provided to you as a keepsake of your STAR’s grand adventure!

Keepsake Toy:  A toy personally chosen for your VIPM to take home with him/her to remember all the fun they had

Iron Dog Challenges:  Included at no additional charge

Grooming:  A cleansing bath and toe nails trimmed (we use only natural, organic bath products)

Medication administered FREE

Fresh cedar shavings or fresh indoor bedding provided

Fresh water provided daily


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