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What is STAR K9 adventure park like?

How do you decide what size my dog is?

Small Dogs       Up to 20lbs.

Medium Dogs    21 to 45lbs.

Large Dogs       Over 45lbs


How do you decide which pack or adventure area my dog will be placed in?

We place dogs similar in size, temperament, personality and energy level.  For example, we place small dogs with other similarly sized small dogs that have temperaments which complement one another to create a naturally-balanced pack.  Our adventure areas are also customized based upon dog size.  For example, we have smaller jungle gyms that “fit” a smaller dog’s body size. Staff monitors the packs to ensure each pack member receives the amount of playtime/adventures they need since energy levels vary with dogs. 


How large are your packs and will my dog get personal attention?

We strive for quality versus quantity and this applies specifically to our low staff to dog ratio.  It is part of our commitment to give you and your dog an amazing adventure your dog looks forward to again and again.  The packs are on average 4 to 6 dogs (but no more than 10 dogs) at any one time so that your dog is given lots of personal attention and affection. 


Will I and my dog like this environment?

Because this is an adventure park with a priority of nurturing dogs’ instincts and creating naturally balanced dogs, your dog may or may not enjoy this environment.   There are several factors for you and your dog to consider.  They are:


Dogs:  We encourage and promote dogs socializing in natural packs.  If your dog likes other dogs, they will love it here.  If they do not like other dogs, then your dog may not like this environment.


Adventure Areas:  We have kennels that are designed with high quality, professional grade, and dog friendly materials to prevent a dog from escaping.  Our adventure areas are cage-free and located in an outdoor, wooded environment.  They are secured with anti-digging measures and specialized climb/chew resistance fencing that are 5 feet to 7.5 feet high.  Even with all of these safety measures in place, there is still an inherent risk to your dog being in outdoor/cage-free environments. 


Outdoors: Because this is an adventure park and we strive to provide as natural environment as possible for dogs, our facilities and programs are primarily designed for “outdoor” living.  This is 365 days/24 hours-a-day concept.  It is a more healthy, natural and chemical-free alternative to living and boarding within indoor/enclosed areas.  We do have excellent shelter provided for all dogs and extra measures to ensure your dog is safe, comfortable and protected from the environment throughout the year.  NOTE:  The exception is our Pampered Paws Program and VIPM (Very Important Pack Members) Program.  Dogs have the option of living inside our private home and enjoying the adventures too! 


Adventure Based:  This is an adventure park that involves fun, active games and social interactions with other dogs.  If your dog prefers to be a couch potato or to be left alone, we do have the Lone Wolf Program.  Even with the Lone Wolf Program, some dogs still may be overly stressed or overly stimulated by all of the fun everyone else is having, therefore this may not be the best environment for them.


Natural Balance:  As our guest, we want you to be completely comfortable knowing that your dog is visiting a place that truly cares about dogs and will give your dog the best personal care and attention possible.  Our concept is a little different in that we do what is best for the dogs and that means letting dogs be dogs.  It does means more work for us, but it ensures a healthy environment where dogs are well-balanced and happy, stress-free guests.  The concept is based upon a “natural balance” which is the inspiration for our motto “Where a dog can be wild again.”  This may include your dog getting wet or dirty, living outdoors, and playing and living within a pack.  And all of our programs are designed to nurture dogs’ natural instincts and to create naturally balanced dogs.  If you do not feel comfortable with your dog getting dirty, living outdoors, playing and living in a pack and enhancing their natural instincts this may not be the best environment for your dog.


Living Wild:  We have a variety of programs to ensure we have options available that best fit your dog’s particular needs.  One of the unique programs we have is the Living Wild Program.  It involves dogs living, playing and sleeping together in a pack 24 hours/day.  We have safety measures in place to ensure a safe and fun experience if your dog is approved for the Living Wild Program.  Staff members do live full-time at the adventure park; however, dogs are not supervised with a human pack member present during late evening hours.  Although this a great experience for dogs to “live wild” again, there is also inherent risks involved.  If your dog is prone to digging out (we have prevention measures in place for digging), prone to climbing or jumping fences (we have climbing/jumping prevention measures in place) or is stressed living in this kind of environment, the Living Wild Program may not be the best environment for your dog.


In summary, our vision is to develop a unique, safe, fun and dog friendly adventure park where you can feel comfortable knowing that no matter where you are, your dog is having the time of their life and their natural instincts are being fostered to create a naturally balanced dog you love coming home to.

Can you give my dog medication while visiting your park?

Yes.  We can administer all medications except injections.   We do not charge extra for administering medication.


I have an older dog. Will they enjoy this environment?

We have several older dogs that love the interaction with other dogs and participating in the adventure games.  Because we have a variety of activities available for all dogs in each adventure area, each dog is free to choose how much and which activities to participate in.  We will place your dog with similar kindred spirits, based upon size, temperament, personality and energy level.  Our human pack members continually evaluate each dog’s behavior to ensure they are having an enjoyable experience.

I have a small dog and I see adventure areas with small dogs and larger dogs together.  Is this environment safe for small dogs?

Yes.  In most cases, we place small dogs with other similarly sized dogs.  However, in certain situations, some small dogs have the heart, spirit, energy and mindset of a larger dog; therefore, they are happier and better suited socializing with larger-sized dogs.  Staff do monitor the packs to ensure every dog is in the pack that best suits them with, of course, safety being our top priority. 

Can someone else pick my dogs up?
Yes, but only if you specify them as someone approved to pick up your dog. At the time of pickup, payment will need to be made so we will need to bill your credit card on file or other arrangements must be made.


Are there nap times?

Because each dog is different and their energy levels vary, we give your dog the freedom to take a nap at their leisure.  Of course, our human pack members will evaluate each dog’s specific needs and ensure they have a nap if necessary.  Please consult with our human pack members to discuss your dog’s specific needs. 


It seems like a wildlife park when I drop my dog off.  Is it always like that?

No.  Dogs communicate through sound and body language.  And when we have visitors, all of the sights and sounds you see and hear are dogs’ natural way to communicate.  When the dogs settle down they can be very quiet because they are too busy having fun exploring their adventure areas and playing with other adventure seekers. 


Does someone stay with the dogs overnight?

Yes.  We have human pack members that live full-time on the premises.  Because the dogs are active all day, a good’s night sleep is essential.  We ensure they are provided with safe, secure and comfortable sleeping quarters.  If your dog requires a human pack member’s overnight attention, we have the Pampered Paws Program and VIPM Program which includes in-home boarding inside our private home. 


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