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The mission of STAR K9, LLC is to train and provide animal talent and professional wranglers for the entertainment industry while embracing the highest level of care and respect for the animals. We also employ high standards, personal service and expertise to ensure positive results for our client’s projects, on time and on budget.  Our STARS shine for you.

STAR K9, LLC has over 25 years of training, handling and wrangling animals in basic and advanced level skills.  We are conveniently located within the Atlanta Metro Area where our animals enjoy the luxury of an 120 acre ranch.  Our staff is well acquainted with the business and we do our best to ensure that the animal talent and wranglers understand and prepare for their roles to ensure your project has the best possible outcome.


ANIMAL SAFETY:  We have a 100% Pass rate by the USDA, a 100% "No Animals Were Harmed" rating by the American Humane Association and a 100% safety record.  Also since our inspection, we have never been suspended, investigated or had any complaints.  We receive positive and high marks from the AHA, directors, producers and others of our professionalism toward animals and personnel on set.  We adamantly support the humane treatment of all animals we represent.   We promote the natural instincts and personality of each animal while providing respect and positive, naturally balanced concepts.  We are insured and licensed by the USDA.  We adhere to the highest and strictest animal regulations and welfare.  These include Animal Welfare Approved Accreditation, SAG, American Humane Association Guidelines, and the USDA Animal Welfare Act. 


All animals must pass health and temperament requirements, and pass a strict audition process that requires the animal to follow commands off leash in distracting situations and unfamiliar settings.  Our handlers must also pass extensive requirements involving animal behavior and training, and conducting themselves with the highest degree of professionalism toward the animal talent, our clients and associates. 


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