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  1. How do I sign my animal up with STAR K9 and is there a charge?

  • There is no charge to sign up with us.  Refer to our web site ( under “Casting Calls” and click "Sign Up Your STAR" tab and send the requested information.  We also conduct casting calls throughout the year and you and your animal are welcome to attend the casting call.


  1. How do I get information about casting calls?

  • We post casting calls on our Facebook (STAR K9, LLC – Animal Casting and Wrangling), our Twitter account (STAR K9, LLC), and on our web site (


  1. Do I have to live in Georgia for STAR K9 to sign my animal?

  • No.  Although we are headquartered in Georgia, we do accept animals throughout the United States and in some cases, internationally. 


  1. What kind of animals does STAR K9 accept?

  • We accept all kinds/types/breeds/color of animal actors/models so long as they meet our requirements.


  1. When will my animal be chosen for a project?

  • There is no set time when an animal will be chosen.  It is based upon varying factors – production company request for a certain animal, the animal’s skills, the animal talent requirements, etc. 


  1. What does my animal need to know?

  • Animals should be well behaved and comfortable around bright lights, cameras, strange places and people and sounds.  Dogs should know basic obedience and perform them off-leash.  Cats do not have to know any commands, but should be comfortable in a filming/studio environment.  Animal tricks are not required, but will generally increase your chances of your animal being chosen for a project.


  1. What are the age requirements for dogs?

  • We accept puppies as young as 8 weeks old.  However, puppies must be at least 14 weeks old before they are allowed on set.  We do accept older (senior) dogs so long as they are healthy and enjoy being an animal actor/model.


  1. What are the age requirements for cats?

  • We accept kittens as young as 8 weeks old.  Kittens are allowed on set at 8 weeks old.  We do accept older (senior) cats so long as they are healthy and enjoy being an animal actor/model.


  1. Who handles the animals on set?  

  • Whenever possible, we encourage and welcome you to be involved in the care and control of your animal.  We understand how important the bond and working relationship between you and your animal, and we will coordinate with the production company to have you on set with your animal.  In some circumstances due to production company’s insurance restrictions, rules and regulations, only specific individuals are allowed on set.  And in these cases, you may or may not not be permitted on set.   In these cases, our animal trainers/wranglers will handle animals on set.  The owner is welcome to attend locations and venues NEAR the set. 


10. Do I have go with my animal on every project?

  • No.  You do not have to go with your animal on any projects.  Our trainer/wrangler will pick up your animal, take it to the production location and return it to you. 


11. How will my animal will be treated/protected while on location or on set?

  • Your animal’s health and safety is our top priority at all times.  An independent animal safety representative is on set to ensure all animals are well treated and protected.  A veterinarian is also on set (or on call) when animals are on set.  We also utilize positive training methods and we will not force an animal do what it is not capable of or it does not desire to do, over the desires of a production or event.  We also utilize and follow the guidelines of some of the highest and strictest animal regulations available.  These include the American Humane Association, the USDA Animal Welfare Act and the Animal Welfare Approved Program.


12. What should I wear on set?

  • Clothing should be appropriate dress attire with a professional appearance.  Long pants (jeans okay; no shorts, gym type clothing, or sweatpants), shirt (no offensive language or pictures), comfortable footwear (no sandals, high heels), and extra clothing appropriate for weather.  No low cuts, rips, holes, etc.


13. What should I bring on set?

  • Because most projects (even small projects) can last for hours, it is recommended that you bring something to occupy your time (a book, magazine, games, etc.)  A chair is recommended because most times there will be no seating available.  Also bring your animal's favorite snack/treats, toys, collar, leash, etc.  Also bring a towel and brush to make sure the dog is clean and camera ready.  Any additional comfort items for your animal is recommended - such as a blanket, kennel, dog food, etc.  Although most projects have food and water avaialble, it is recommended that you bring refreshments just in case.


13. Will I get paid if you use my animal? 

  • Yes.  We do provide payment to the animal’s owner if we use the owner’s animal on a project.  The payment amount is based upon each specific project.


14. Is there a contract for each project?

  • Yes via email which will outlines basic information such as the project, timeframe, release and payment amounts.


15. Does your agency require exclusivity?

  • In most cases, we do not require exclusivity.  However, if your animal is chosen for a long-term project (feature film, etc.) we may require an exclusivity.


16. How long will I (or my animal) be on set?

  • We try very hard to coordinate with the production crew to have the animal talent on location as little as possible; however, we have NO CONTROL over a production schedule and when animal talent is needed.  Some projects may be short (less than 4 hours) to longer times  (over 10  hours). Therefore, please anticipate that you may be on set for hours at a time, waiting for the animal talent scene to take place.  Please note the animal is not used this entire time while they are on location.  The animal talent is only working during their scenes only.  The remaining time they will be relaxing and taking breaks as needed.


17. Will I be provided with food or water?

  • It varies upon each project.  We recommend that you bring snacks and water in case no food or water is available.


18. Will my travel expenses be covered?

  • If you choose to accompany your animal to set locations, all travel expenses or overnight accommodations will be your responsibility.


19. Can I bring friends or family members with me?

  • We do allow one (1) person to accompany the owner.  Also, due to insurance and liability restrictions, no children under 18 years old are allowed.  And any person’s accompanying the owner will be held to the same requirements as the owner.


20. Who trains the animals?

  • Owners normally train their animal basic obedience.  For advanced level skills, you may be shown how to train your animal or the animal may be trained by one of STAR K9’s trainers, at an agreed upon location. 


21. Is there a charge for training my animal?

  • There is no charge to train your animal for the talent that is needed for a specific project.  Any additional training requested by the owner will require training fees paid to STAR K9.


22. Is smoking allowed?

  • No smoking (including smokeless cigarettes), tobacco use or alcohol consumption is allowed at any time while on set or on location. 


23. How long will a project last?

  • It varies.  Small projects, such as a commercial or photo shoot, generally last 1-2 days.  Larger projects, such as feature films, may be months long.  However, animal actors/models are requested on specific call times.  These call times can range from a few hours to well into the evening hours.  Production companies schedule each actor/model based upon their production schedule; therefore; we schedule animal actor/models based upon the production company’s request.


24. What should my animal wear on a project

  • In summary, leash and collar (flat or choke - no pinch or electronic collars allowed).  Harness and/or halters depending upon the animal.  You will be advised if there are other items are needed, such as clothing, etc.  All animals should be clean and well groomed before arriving on set. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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