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Do You Have a STAR?

We are always looking for new STARS!  Do you have a STAR living with you?  If so, we would love to hear from you.  We will PAY YOU MONEY if your animal is used in one of our projects.  It's a win-win - you get money and your animal gets to be a star!


STAR K9, LLC has specific requirements before we list an animal.   We DO NOT charge a listing fee; however, animals must pass an audition process before we send them on a project. 


DOGS must have the following:


Up-to-date on all vaccinations and be in excellent health


Friendly, outgoing and confident


Must do basic obedience commands OFF-LEASH, away from home and in distracting situations. 


Dogs should be comfortable in strange environments that include bright lights, loud noises, large groups of people, moving vehicles, slippery floors, confined areas, etc. 


Animals that show aggression (unless trained for on cue) will not be accepted.  


Our clients have an expectation of how our animal actors and models will perform and we will not send an animal on a job unless we are confident that it can accomplish the task(s) required for that particular project. 


Tricks are not required but are considered a bonus and certain behaviors such as holding an object (while staying) on command, speaking, going to a mark and going with talent on command will all increase your chances of your dog being selected.



CATS must have the following:


Be in excellent health


Friendly and people oriented


Be comfortable away from home and in distracting environments that include cameras, bright lights, loud noises, strangers, slippery floords, confined areas, etc.


They do not necessarily have to do commands but must not be spooked around strange people, cameras and equipment.


Any training will GREATLY increases your chances of getting work.  If you have a food motivated cat and can train it to come to a buzzer/clicker or teach it to sit and stay in one spot...we want you!





OTHERS ANIMALS.  If you have a talented or unusual animal that is not a cat or dog we would love to hear from you.  This includes any type of animal - farm animals, reptiles, bugs, rodents, exotic, etc. 




Please submit the following information and label it "NEW STAR".  Email information to


How Did You Hear About STAR K9, LLC?


Your Name

Your Address

Your Phone Number

Your Email Address

Your Emergency Contact Information


Pet's Name

Type and Age of Pet

Veterinarian Name and Contact Information

Is Your Pet Up-to-Date on Required Vaccinations?


Brief Description of Your Pet (commands, certifications, personality, etc.)

Brief Description of Your Handling Skills (years, certifications, animals trained, etc.)


Pictures.  Pictures should be current (6 months old or less).  STAR K9 will take professional pictures (no charge) of your animal at their office in Cedartown, Georgia or the owner may take their own pictures.   TWO head shots and TWO shots that show your animal sitting, lying down or full body shot.  Send pictures as individual attachments.  Pictures should be clear, good quality.





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