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Stacy Kirkner

Equine Trainer/Wrangler

Stacy Kirkner has over 20 years of experience as an equine trainer and wrangler.  She has won many awards in her training and showing horses.  She trained and showed her prized stallion, Sonny, and qualified him for the AQHA World Show.  He placed overall 3rd place in the State of Alabama.


She also specializes in working with “new” horse owners, teaching them to enjoy horses in safe step-by-step lessons.  She has worked extensively with Special Equestrians Programs helping special needs children to ride.  Her miniature horse, Samson, has visited many churches, ballparks and large crowd gatherings, helping children and adults.


She has ridden all types of horses throughout the United States, including working horses on cattle drives in Montana and a Dude Ranch in Tennessee, as well as pleasure horses on the beaches of South Carolina and Jamaica.  She is also a talented artist, and horses are one of her favorite subjects to paint, as-well as all kinds of animals.  Check out her artistic talents at


Stacy has 4 degrees (one in medical, two in engineering and one BBA).   She has had affiliations with:

  *  AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association)

  *  American Palomino Association

  *  Alabama State Horse Association (state and local shows)

  *  American Paint Horse Association

  *  WHOA Program (working with special needs children)

  *  Future plans to work with Special Equestrians Program at MGH arena in Alabama


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