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We understand how hard you work to make your project a big success!  We too make that same commitment to you by providing you the highest standards, personable customer service and top notch trainers and animal talent.  Below are just a few of our critically acclaim reviews from clients just like you!



We were so blessed to have Trace Sargent and STAR K9 for our short film, Mend.  Trace was extremely professional and amazing to work with both on and off set.  She found us the most adorable basset hound, Hoover, and took care of all details during our production.  Hoover gave us a stellar performance which, of course, enhanced our movie so much.  We will only use Trace and STAR K9 for all of our future productions!

Jaye Pniewski, Executive Producer

STAR K9 far exceeded my expectations in both selection of animals and professionalism of the trainers. All trainers were very attentive while still being very personable and working well with the crew on set!  STAR K9 is now my go to for all exotic and domestic animal rentals. I want to give a special thanks to Trace for walking through everything with me providing in-depth details before making a decision to rent.

Will Hoopes -Director/Producer


Trace and her partner were fantastic people to work with.  They were a positive addition to our crew and exercised the utmost professionalism in handling their animals, both of which were visually striking and well behaved at all times. Should the opportunity arise I would gladly work with her and her team again.

Cory Mulroney - Freelance Producer


Ducks, dogs, cats and cows...goats, rabbits, snakes and ferrets....were just a few of the animals Trace and her team brought to the set of our film "Black Mountain."  No animals they couldn't get and no limit to their potential, STAR K9 was always timely and professional, courteous and conscientious.  If you're shooting anything on the eastern seaboard with animals, you should be shooting with them.

Michael Lucker - Writer/Director "Black Mountain"

Lucky Dog Filmworks


We recently worked with STAR K9s Zucchini (what a great face) and she was the hit of the shoot!  Enjoyed working with Jen her traininer and Zucchini on set as they were very friendly and easy to work with.  She did great with our child actor too!  Lots of good energy!  Thank you STAR K9!  We look forward to more projects in the future! 

Callie Householder - Producer/Photographer

Callie Householder Productions, Inc.


Seeing Jazz (the dog) enter the runway carrying the American flag in her mouth left me with goosebumps.  Knowing these amazing dogs are not only our friends, but our partners in saving lives.  As a nurse, I would be proud to have Jazz by my side any day!  Thank you for an amazing show and experience.

Jody Sherrard - Denim Dog Fashion Blast Spectator


We worked with STAR K9 on a music video for Mastodon. Skye the cat was the star of the video in a world full of puppets. When we first saw her audition we knew she was the one for the part. Skye had a great attitude and was very friendly.  She came in and hit every mark we needed her to during rehearsals. On the first day of the shoot she was brought in by STAR K9's Trace and Jenn. We would explain to them each shot and how Skye would interact in the scene. Then they would get Skye into position, we called action, and Skye would do her thing. They had already rehearsed the shots with Skye so she hit her mark every time. That gave us time to get what we needed and have multiple shots to use in the edit.  When we got Skye on set with the puppets she responded to them quickly. Within 5 minutes she was at ease with the puppets and was rubbing herself on the puppets which made for some great shots. I was really impressed with Trace's knowledge on how to get Skye to do more complicated scenes. There were a few scenes where we had to take Skye outside in an open area and Skye was incredible. Working with STAR K9 was an amazing experience. I was always told animals were hard to work with, but working with STAR K9 I would have to disagree.

Video Rahim - Director


STAR K9 was very professional and worked with us even late into the morning.  Our last shot (at 1:30 a.m.) involved dog talent that STAR K9 provided.  The dog and wrangler were perfect!  Because of the dog's great performance and the wrangler's professionalism, even under pressure and tired after a 12-hour day, performed beautifully.  They are a pleasure and delight to work with, and we will definitely use them again.

Mario - Director/Producer/Actor


STAR K9 was very professional and great to work with.  And they helped me out with a last minute request. They were a life saver!  STAR K9 is very reliable, always on time and simply a pleasure to be around.  They also have top notch folks and amazing animal talent. 

Lance - Director/Producer


You guys were great and very helpful.  Bumper was a blast.  We were under an unbelievable time crunch so I wasn't able to shoot as much Bumper as I wanted to.  But I was very happy with what we got.  Thanks for joining us.  Would love to work with you in the future.  

David - Director


You guys rock!  Great to work with and great prices.  We will definitely use you guys again for any of our animal talent needs. 

Matt -  Production Manager


Your animal talent was terrific and was exactly what we needed for our commercial to be a big success.   Thank you for your patience and understanding in getting the right dog for us.  You were great to work with and very professional.  We look forward to working with you guys again. 

Cisco - Producer


I can vouch for these guys.  It was lovely to have Pogo (the rooster) and Stacy on our set!

Tenaya - Producer


George and I LOVE STAR K9 -- wonderful to work with, and I totally trust Trace with the care and handling of my kids. George had a great time at "sleep away" with her!! He thinks she's the greatest 'pez dispenser' that walks !! LOTS of positive motivation when shaping new behaviors needed for different projects.

Cathy - Dog Owner / George's Mom


Thanks very much for a great shoot!    We’re very happy with how everything turned out, and you guys were lovely to work with. 

Mackenzie - Photo Editor


Had a blast this weekend participating in the 48 Hour Film Project!  STAR K9 thanks for allowing us to use your beautiful facility and making us feel right at home. Your trained animals are amazing!

Carol - Actor


The roaches and rats were perfect for our film.    As an independent film director, thanks for working with us and our tight schedule and budget.  You guys were very professional and great to work with. 

Brian - Director/Executive Producer


Without STAR K9 I couldn’t do my project.  You and George were fantastic and did an amazing job.  George is the star of the show!  And you were great to work with and very professional.  Would love to work with you again.  Thanks for making my project a big success!

Becky - Director/Producer

I was blown away watching Trace and the STAR K9 work on set.  I can't wait to collaborate with them again.

Lucky - Executive Producer

Everything went great on set because of the STAR K9 team.  Rylie (the dog) worked really hard and helped us be a bit ahead of schedule because the STAR K9 team prepared her to do some of our planned shots very fast.  Thank you!

Diana - Director/Producer

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