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  • Natural, organic, chemical-free sanitizing products are used to ensure clean, safe, natural areas
  • Large, secure, open adventure areas to provide fresh air free of contaminants and chemicals, 24 hours/7 days a week
  • Safety entrance/exits located at each adventure area
  • Clean, natural, bacteria prevention surfaces
  • Dog dens are customized to encourage natural pack behavior and  equipped with joint supportive bedding and all natural cedar shavings
  • Safe and dog friendly adventure areas are secured with extra-high, heavy duty, professional grade fencing with anti-climb and digging prevention measures
  • Safe, fun and dog friendly toys made with safety material are provided
  • All natural cedar shavings are provided for warmth, insect repellant and natural smell
  • Organic and natural, chemical-free shampoo/bathing products are used to provide refreshing, cleansing baths
  • Organic, natural, high quality dog treats are provided to all adventure seekers

The health and safety of your beloved dog is our top priority. 

  • 24/7 Security and Care - Park owners live on the premises full-time
  • All dogs are temperament tested and are separated by size, temperament, personality and energy level
  • Small dog to staff ratio (8 dogs or less)
  • Chemical-free water (no chlorine or other harsh chemicals)
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