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Hiking Adventures

Best suited for STARS that would like to explore a naturally wooded retreat

Safe and fun for all ages, but dog should be clear of debilitating ambulatory ailments

Because of the natural environment, dogs may get dirty and/or wet from exploring

Hikes last 30 minutes (weather dependent)

Individualized attention

Unlimited exploring


Program Details:  Our hiking adventures are a real treat for any explorer.  Our own private 40 acres is naturally wooded with trails and untouched areas that encompass beautiful hardwood trees with breathtaking Fall foliage and Springtime blooms as well as numerous native plants thriving in clean, fresh air.  Common sightings include dancing butterflies, a chorus of birds, fuzzy tailed bunny rabbits, aerobatic squirrels, and even the occasional deer herd and gang of turkeys.  Your dog will also enjoy the distance sounds of horses and cows, and the neighbor’s baying donkey always brings a curious and animated response from your 4-legged adventure seeker.  One of the favorite experiences of our hiking adventures are the free-flowing, natural, spring-fed streams located on the back part of our oasis.  They are small enough to safely cross, shallow enough for the dogs to play and splash around without the worry of being too deep, but deep enough to get the exhilarating feeling only a frolic through cool water can give!   It is pure entertainment watching the dogs get completely lost in the magic of playing in water without boundaries.  And for those regular explorers, no worries about seeing the same thing because you can look forward to new and interesting hiking adventures as we have access to another 200 acres of naturally beautiful wooded hiking areas filled fun and frolic. 


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