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Hours and Location

What are your business hours? 

Weekdays:      7am to 7pm

Saturday:        8am to 5pm

Sunday:          4pm to 7pm

Holidays:         7am to 10am / 4pm to 7pm

Events:           Varied for each event


What are your tour times?

Tours of our park are offered during regular business hours during off peak dates (holidays). No tours on Sunday, since we are only open three hours for check-in and check-out on Sundays.   We want to give you our undivided attention when you visit us, therefore, we recommend that you call ahead to make sure we are not already scheduled for training, hikes, baths, etc.


What are your check-in and check-out hours?

Check-in Time:  Flexible between normal business hours.  Any after hour check-in will need to be coordinated with our staff.  Boarding rates start the day you check-in your dog.


Check-out Time:  If you check out before 11am you will not be charged for that day.  If you check out any time after 11am you will be charged for a full day. Any after hour check-out will need to be coordinated with our staff.  Your dog must be picked up no later than 7pm. 

Baths:  If a bath is requested, please advise us when you will be picking up your dog.  Because we want to make sure your dog is cleanly bathed prior to your arrival, we will coordinate bath time based upon when you will be picking up your dog so that he/she will be clean and fresh when you arrive.


Where are you located?

Physical Address:     STAR K9, LLC

 368 Wiley Road

                              Cedartown, Georgia 30125


Regional Area:        20 minutes West of Rockmart, GA

30 minutes South of Rome, GA

30 minutes East of Piedmont, AL

                             45 minutes North of Carrollton, GA

                             45 minutes from Southeast of Gadsden, AL

                             60 minutes from Marietta, GA

                             60 minutes Southwest of Cartersville, GA

                             60 minutes from East of Anniston, AL

1½ hours from Atlanta Metro Area 


GPS Mapping:         If you use a GPS for directions, some GPS units will take you approximately 300 yards short of our location.   Just keep going straight and you will see our mailbox with the numbers 368.


Entering Our Park:  Our Park is a natural environment and to preserve the natural surroundings we have a one-way roadway in and out of our park; therefore, please watch for incoming traffic.  And to continue preserving the natural surroundings, we have limited parking, so your patience and understanding to our unique preservation efforts is appreciated.


Shoes/Clothing:      Our Park is a natural environment, and because we actively participate in preservation efforts to conserve the natural surroundings, we limit the amount of “hard, manmade” surfaces in the park.  It is recommended that flat shoes and comfortable clothing be worn (versus high heel shoes, dresses, suits, etc.).


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