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Living Wild

Program Details:  Our Living Wild Program is for the ultimate pack seeker.  A unique, all natural program that takes your dog back to his roots….of living wild in a pack.  Pack members live, play and sleep 24/7 in their own “territory” just like their wolf ancestors.  Their territory has lots of features to keep the pack occupied 24/7.  These include jungle gyms, swimming pools, sandboxes, tunnels, trees, toys, etc.  There are also specially designed and equipped “pack dens” with cozy cots and natural cedar shavings to provide a warm, safe, comfortable and relaxing home safe from the weather and a place to live and sleep together as a pack.  Packs are small (average 4-6 dogs, but no more than 8) to ensure fun, relaxing adventures without the stress of crowded conditions or undue competition associated with larger packs.  If your dog wants to live on the wild side again, this is the perfect program!    

Best suited for STARS that desire to live wild like their wolf ancestors; run and play in a large cage free environment 24-hours a day; have moderate to higher energy levels; enjoy socializing with other pack members

Pack members live, play and sleep in their own “territory”

Hunger Game where your dog hunts for treats hidden throughout the adventure area provided daily FREE (we provide only natural, allergen free/organic treats)

Adventure Games in adventure areas that includes jungle gyms, swimming pools, sandbox, “pack dens”, trees, toys, etc.

Pack members have unlimited, full access to adventure games 24 hours/day

Medication administered FREE

Fresh cedar shavings provided

Fresh water provided daily

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