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Mini-Adventure (Daycare)

Program Details:  Our Mini-Adventures (Daycare) gives your dog the opportunity to go wild during the day and then return home to your family at night.  This adventure program provides your dog unlimited playtime and adventures with other park visitors of similar size, personality and temperament.  And you can rest assured that with all of the fun your dog has during the day, he/she will rest peacefully while at home……a win-win for the whole family!  Each adventure area is located in a naturally wooded environment and is equipped with safe, dog-friendly structures and objects to meet the needs of your dog’s size and energy level.  There are also specially designed and equipped “pack dens” with natural cedar shavings so that your fun-loving dog can take a nap in a safe, comfortable and relaxing home.  Mini-Adventure packs are small (4-6 dogs on average, but no more than 8) to ensure your dog receives individual and personalized attention.

Best suited for STARS that want to go wild during the day and return home to their family at night

Great for STARS that have moderate to higher energy levels and want to explore their adventurous side

Unlimited playtime in adventure areas and rest and relaxation at their leasure

Hunger Games for all visitors - They hunt for treats hidden throughout the adventure area provided daily FREE (we provide only natural, allergen free/organic treats)

Adventure areas include jungle gyms, swimming pools, sandbox, “pack dens”, trees, toys, etc.

Adventure Games with other furry friends

Medication administered FREE

Fresh cedar shavings provided



Fresh water provided daily



Unlimited adventures


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